Buckingham Palace History

The Certified London Home of Britain’s Monarchs.

Since 1837 Buckingham Palace has been the certified London home of Britain’s monarchs and is still running today as their administrative head office. With many receptions being held by The Queen herself in the State Rooms it’s surprising that more than 50,000 people still visit the Palace annually for lunches, receptions and the occasional Royal Garden Party.

Buckingham House

Buckingham Palace was initially known as Buckingham House, the bulk of what today makes up the main part of the palace was originally built as a private townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham back in 1703. It wasn’t until 1761 when it was obtained by George III as a private home for Queen Charlotte it became known as ‘The Queen’s House’.

Finally in 1837 it was acquired by Queen Victoria as the official royal palace not before being enlarged during the 19th century by architects of the state John Nash and Edward Blore who built three wings around the central courtyard.